My nine-month maternity-cover position is now up. I’m very happy that I had such a wonderful experience as to work at the University of Copenhagen. I learnt a lot and I also had the chance to contribute a lot; it was a fair exchange. But all good things must come to an end (apparently), and so here I am now, unaware of my next direction. I have hopes and plans, of course, but whether they’ll come to fruition, only time will tell.


I’ve previously commented on the balconies on a block of flats being built near me. Here are some further thoughts:

• Zero privacy.

• Probably very scary!

• Do the windows reach down to the floor, or are the balconies far up above floor level? Take a closer look. I find the positioning of the balconies in relation to the windows to be incredibly confusing.



The flats in my building all have built-in flowerboxes on the balconies. Most contain flowers in full bloom.

Mine had signs of plantlife once tendered, but my lack of interest was encouraging weeds.

So I lifted the main tray out of the flowerbox itself and dumped it on the floor of my balcony.

I’ve been too busy to do anything more, but I felt I’d try not to let the whole building down.

I assume this is just a weed that’s now flowered – although I have no idea. I’ll leave it where it is, anyway.

Update: I now hear it’s apparently a cornflower.